Welcome to The Fasterhorse Company

‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.’

Of all the things Henry Ford almost certainly never said, this one is our favourite.

If you have heard either of us speak about our work over the years, you’ve probably heard us trot this line out.

You’ve probably also heard us talk about how we are a bit different to others in the field.  That’s because we are. 

We are not advertisers or marketers.  We are old fashioned story-tellers who also happen to be cutting edge-digital engagement specialists.

We find ways to tell your stories with authenticity, warmth and wit.

The success of our approach has been recognised by the likes of the Wharton School of Business, Gartner, and Australian and State governments as well as celebrated on front pages from Buzzfeed to the BBC.

We have a track record of transforming communication and engagement in some of Australia’s most scrutinised sectors.
We could do that because our digital smarts are backed up with years of experience at the coalface of complex, high-profile media issues. Our storytelling is rooted deeply in organisational priorities.

So who is Fasterhorse?

We are Kym Charlton and James Kliemt. You may recognise us from our work at Queensland Police.
On our own, we are dead handy. Together, we are The FasterHorse Company

Kym Charlton & James Kliemt
The Fasterhorse Company